About Alaska Sheepdogs

Alaska Sheepdogs was created by me, Michael Wheeler, in early 2020. With covid-19 and many different social issues happening I felt that we needed to create something to help bring people together and support the community at the same time. With the possibility of defunding the police and fighting breaking out in public stores over toilet paper I felt that we need to find the sheepdogs in the public. I am a proud member of the Alaska State Defense Force, ex-Army and 4th generation military. Through training, support and community I envision bringing the right people together to help all of live free and enjoy our liberties.

US Army. Communications, Automation

Business Own. Find out more at www.w2b.cc

SGT in the Alaska State Defense Force. www.goasdf.com

Founder of Alaska Force on Force. www.alaskaforceonforce.com

Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler
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